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Amy S. Gall Ritchie

Spiritual director & personal Coach

   "I offer guidance, mentoring, soul empowerment, and skilled listening to those who wish to evolve at a deeper human and soul level."

  • Doctor of Ministry, Columbia Theological Seminary 2012: Christian Spirituality

  • Masters of Divinity, Bethany Theological Seminary 1993: Pastoral Care focus

  • BS Psychology, Manchester (College) University 1986

  • Soul ReAlignment Advanced Certified Practitioner 2014

  • Reiki II Practitioner, Advanced Reiki Technique Practitioner

  • Persimmon Studio, founder 2012 (known then as Hapax Spiritual Direction)

  • Ordained 1993

  • Professional Ministry since 1991

  • Currently a student in the Mindfulness, Wellness, Somatic Coaching program, anticipated certification Summer 2019

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Amy lives and works in Richmond, Indiana, USA. She shares her home with her husband and his acupuncture practice, 1 little white dog (Lord Alfred aka Alfie), and adult sons who are in and out. Amy's worldview is strong and broad enough to carry love and respect for the religious traditions  & the amazing human capacity her clients bring, while open enough to include the very stars we were born into.

Amy believes the Sacred is on the move in all ways, and that this movement is about the ongoing unfolding of the soul and creation.

We learn from sacred texts, from the persimmon tree, from the ocean wave, from the complex emotions that bind us so that we can let them loose. Amy's coaching form and toolbox comes from coaching training. Add to this many years in direct engagement with folk in the pews, the streets, in life, and on the margins. She has an instinct to sniff out solutions and pathways, puzzling life together into a shining way forward. With spiritual direction we add a good bit of the spiritual and work in the dimensions of mystery in tangible and changeable ways.

toward the sacred living of the human experience

But really who is Amy? In her own words: I have been working at my personal formation for a long time. I used to think in categories of formation like vocation, marriage, spirituality, lifestyle. At the point that I saw myself as a holistic human being, a tiny but integral part to the whole cosmos, it all came together for me. My guiding principal is Love: heart, mind, soul, body...Sacred, Neighbor & Self. All religions and wisdom lineages honor this ideal. Our whole system talks to us all the time.

Where has this taken me? Into amazing waters of oceanic proportions. I do not think or feel or understand as I once did. I am unafraid to look directly at what is going on with my own dynamics that hold me back. And I go about the process of every single day. I love it. My life has moved from being a cushion of wounded victimization to a playground with the best equipment for learning about my strengths and superpowers. I am better at my vocation (job+passion), relationships, body love, neighbor love. My work has led me toward a lifestyle of sustainability, inspiration, generosity. I LOVE love love this.

"I go about the process of

every single day."


The personal issues I've faced and conquered are many, a familiar litany for most. I've not lived your life, but I have lived in the hurt, brokeness and shame of my own context. Your story is sacred. In our work together, we do not lose the stories, but we lose the trauma associated with the story. This is true freedom. I've been working at these for years, and through more deliberate means since 2001. It has been the work I've done from 2013 onward that has catapulted me into a focused space of working for you, my clients. I began my formal spiritual direction practice in 2012 and hit the ground running. I desire the gift of working with individuals ready to become true designers and authors of their life.

What I will bring to YOU, is all my love, my confidence, intuitive tools, a soft spoken nudge, the tone of a pushy broad, a ton of compassion and always ALWAYS non-judgment. I bring a keen sense of wonder of the Sacredness of all things, and can comfortably move in your own language of faith and divinity, or of the full possibility of the human enterprise. And you will go places. YOUR places. You will be the discoverer and the determiner. I will be at your side, guiding and directing, listening and urging you forward. And those years of my own hard work? You don't need to live that lengthy timeline.  We will not only jump-start your well-being, but you have the opportunity to hurtle over things that you thought would always be in your way.

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Amy offers support, belief, joy, encouragement, love and push. Amy will not let you live in lies of "not enough" or mired in fraud syndrome. She will see the truth of you, and remind you of it. We will get to more than...And it will be spectacular.


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