Amy will listen...


...and listen deeply. She creates space for you to listen to yourself as well.

She knows that wisdom already resides within you.


Sacred Living of the Human Experience


You've worked on your body,

You've worked on your career,

you've worked on your ability to quote accurately from all the star wars movies. 

Isn't it time you worked on your truest self?


Turner Ritchie Photography

Turner Ritchie Photography

Amy says, "Some time ago, I decided to show up. Really show up. What began as an intentional start with a spiritual director became a focused, thriving, ongoing life change. I have gathered wisdom and tools along this trail and offer that to you now.

I have lived a life of a loud, often speaking, insecure person, tethered to stories from childhood and patterns throughout life that foiled my attempts to grow into the person I knew that I was. Deep down inside, I knew there was a soul that cared deeply for others, with an intelligence that was not to be known by traditional means. I was living a life of the culture I belonged to, even as I sought a radical existence of simplicity, welcome, and justice-making.

I listened more to what others were telling me about me.

Sound familiar?

How about I know who I am. At a level deep in the interior spaces of being: my essential nature, my soul. I know who I am and what I am about, and now my soul quest is to author my own life, bringing inner and outer into harmony. I'm still lively and talkative, but I'm also full of joy and insight, confidence and wisdom. Reflective silence has become my partner. My old patterns and stories cannot mask me from me anymore. I am awake and paying attention.  I know stuff. I intuit people. I want you to come alive for you."

Amy offers support, belief, joy, encouragement, love and push. Amy will not let you live in lies of "not enough" or mired in fraud syndrome. She will see the truth of you, and remind you of it. And it will be spectacular.

Amy does not work from a one-size-fits-all mindset. She revels in your individuality and unique qualities. She have an abundance of tools and programs to meet your needs. We can go at a self reflective pace with spiritual direction. We can add some cosmic zing and ramp up the self discovery through soul life-craft coaching. The role changes depending on which path you wish to take. Amy will be right there with you.

Hapax Understandings


  • You are worth bringing forth your highest self
  • You get to claim yourself and work toward your vision with clarity
  • You impact the world by moving toward your truest self (let's put aside what anyone else wants you to be)
  • You impact the world for good the more you resonate with your uniqueness entering a space of mutuality and collaboration with All. Community, baby!
  • With gratitude you lay a foundation that recognizes how you've gotten this far
  • Your truest success is never measured by cultural norms but by the resonance within
  • Change, glorious change, is at your fingertips
  • Heart, Mind, Body, Soul are in an equal dance of communication that creates the new and next when allowed balance
  • The human experience and potential is awe inspiring
  • The view from 10,000 cosmic steps outward puts everything into perspective
  • Discover Align Design Integrate: Boom!

Amy S. Gall Ritchie

Ordained Minister since 1993, Doctor of Ministry degree, spiritual director, life-craft coach, scheduling times are all Eastern Standard Time

face to face, online with Skype/Zoom, by phone


Contact:    text: 765-967-0657

Just so you know, GALL is pronounced like hall, wall, stall, ball, mall, fall, call. Amy Gall Ritchie. Thanks.

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HAPAX Spiritual Direction

Hapax Spiritual Direction is that gentle and deep care for how you are showing up in your life. We listen together, we urge you on, we see your essential nature emerge and grow. Set goals, or meander toward change. You are in charge.

To go deeper with authenticity, Amy recommends new clients take 1-3 personal identity surveys and share the results with her:

These well established indicators are like viewing a scene from different vantage points. This will aid Amy in assisting in your self discovery and conscious growth.












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soul realignmenT

Amy offers a metaphysical approach to self and soul discovery, in order to assist you in creating one very magnificent life. Is this about big houses, fast cars, tons of cash? Nope. It is about knowing yourself from a new lens.

Life-Craft Coaching

Amy coaches her soul realignment clients from a place of complete attention in the moment. She is attentive to what you are saying, while intuiting a way forward. Coaching is a stronger touch than spiritual direction, but the client is always the one who determines the direction. Amy will take note of your pace, your sense of wondering, your readiness to blast a path forward. This is the design and integrate phase of our work. We take all we've learned from the soul reading tools to craft your life. We meet in an ongoing way as you repattern your life and behaviors, as you imagine and bring into reality your life. Oh, how good it feels!



Disclaimer and Clarity: Spiritual Direction is not psychoanalysis or therapy. Amy has connections with many extraordinary counselors and therapists in Richmond IN and can help you find someone to work with in your own community if you are dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mental and emotional concerns. Take care of yourself with the right practitioner. We are all in this for your well being.

If you have mental health concerns that might be triggered through any of these readings, let's be in conversation beforehand so that good self-care is taken and you have all the information needed to go forward. Thank you.